Welcome to Exam Success - Your Tool to Passing Examinations

Welcome to Exam Success - Your Tool to Passing Examinations


Lecture Courses

Registering for lecture or classroom courses can be an advantageous experience for anyone new to studying, or new to the subject being taught. The experience of a lecture course will allow students to practice exam questions in the syllabus format within a quiet classroom setting, very much like the conditions of the examination. You are given such benefits as; being able to ask a knowledgeable lecturer any questions that may arise and receiving constructive criticism and feedback from the lecture in order to reveal your weak points; allowing ample time to correct weak areas before the actual and examinations.

Lecture courses expose students to the and examination conditions in order to minimize fear and nervousness before the exam and to instil a sense of self-confidence which is vital for your exam date. There are several companies that provide lecture courses for the exam, each approaching the exam preparation in a separate way. Below is a compiled list of what to look for during your lecture course selection.

Specialty Courses

Specialty lectures are designed for new students who wish to revise only one or few specialties for the exam instead of attending the whole course. This will effectively help you strengthen your knowledge on you weaker subjects.


The biggest benefit you can receive from attending lecture courses is to be able to participate within the lecture and to challenge yourself with the practice questions provided. Interactivity is very important. Being able to answer the questions personally and seeing the results of your answers can be a big indicator of what you know and how much work you have yet in front of you. Many and classroom courses only allow for one participant to answer a question, while the other participants merely listen. Other classroom courses allow for each participant to answer every question and then view their personal results, along with their results in comparison with their peers. When looking for a course to register for, make sure to look if they allow for interactivity or if it is merely a or classroom lecture, the distinction could be the difference between a pass and a fail.

The Lecturer

It is a good idea to look at who will be providing the vital information and practice questions during the classroom course. Having an experienced and well-trained lecturer not only ensures that the course is informative, but also allows you to walk away with a greater understanding of the material. A 4-day lecture course taught by an experienced lecturer can leave you feeling prepared and ready, whereas a 4-day course taught by an un-trained lecturer can leave you feeling more confused than when you stared your training.

Length of Classroom Courses

Courses can vary in length from 3-4 days to 3-4 years. Studying takes a considerable commitment. Always consider what you will have to give up so that you can study and how long you feel able to give it up for.

Lecture courses can be very informative and you will find yourself in the company of an experienced tutor to use at your disposal as well as a body of your peers to aid you on your path to success. Of course when registering for a lecture course you are committing several days to the course. Many people find that these courses don’t fit very well with their present schedule or that there isn’t a lecture course offered in their geographic area. For the people who need a high level of flexibility, lecture courses are not an option, fortunately there is another training tool left to discuss that offers a high level of flexibility.

Online Learning courses

Online Learning courses are wonderful for new students who cannot commit to a schedule of a lecture course. E-courses are highly flexible and allow you to study at anytime you choose from any computer with internet access. or online courses allow you to study at your own pace, either by reviewing past information or jumping ahead to new topics. Below is a list of features to look for before choosing an online course package to purchase.

The Online Exam and Mock Exams

Not only is the number of questions available important, but also the format of the questions, the selection process for using the questions and whether they have been classroom tested or not. Since the aim of taking a online course is to better prepare you for taking examinations, look for an online course that provides questions in the exam format. It will help better prepare you for the actual examination. While studying online using provided questions, it is handy to be able to select questions by topic, specialty, or even difficulty level. This way you can focus better on your weak areas, or to just practice specific specialties of or questions. Not only will it aid in your studying, it can also make the training a little more fun!

The best way to feel prepared come and examination day is to have done the exam in the past, so as to have a general idea of what to expect. It helps to take nervousness out and put confidence in its place. Some online courses provide you with mock exams to practice with, others merely leave you with review questions and a few notes. The online courses with mock exams are conducted in examination format and can be completed at your leisure. Once an mock exam is completed it is sent in and results are sent back to you in a timely manner. The results you receive show weak and strong points in your knowledge, which further directs your studies. Mock exams are wonderful aids in preparation; check if the e-course you will register for provides you with this invaluable service.


Some online courses leave you to study on your own by only providing information, with no help from an online tutor or a discussion forum. If an online course will work best in your schedule, make sure they provide you with either an available online tutor, so as to email questions, or an online discussion board for the discussion of 1 and 2 topics with your peers. If you can find a programme with both an online tutor and a discussion board, you found the perfect online course, as you will find that interactivity is going to help you more than you thought in your and/or preparation.

Online courses provide students with a high amount of flexibility that lecture courses lack. You can use all the resources on your own time, and still have access to the same amount of comprehensive information that you would otherwise receive in a lecture courses. They can provide a certain amount of interactivity, but cannot replace the amount you can receive in a classroom course.

These tools, lecture courses and online courses, are going to be essential for both and examination success, either by using either tool or both to fulfil your specific needs. Hopefully the tips we have provided you with will help you to find the perfect tool that will fit your schedule and study habits.

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